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Wednesday, November 2nd 2011

10:37 AM

Shorties Announce New Album For 2012


November 3rd:  The Shorty Blackwells have officially announced that they will be recording and releasing their seventh studio CD in 2012.

This reverses a previous decision to abandon recording and focus purely on performance.

The band have continued to write and perform new material in the 3 years since the release of their last CD 'The Centrifugal Bugle' and among the tracks that have been suggested as candidates for the new album are:

Your Drunk Uncle, Disintegration Machine, Holy Man's Hands, Shankar's Daughter, Midlife Crisis and Train Driver.

Lost Shorties Classics 'Sofa Gofer' and 'Sofa Bunny', neither of which has seen official release are also rumoured to be lined up for the new platter.

Nothing has been heard from the band since their well-received 20th anniversary concert in May this year. Sources indicate the band met in late October to jam, kick off the cobwebs and decide on next steps, and the announcement of a new album has been the most immediate result.

(Pics: Dan and Michael at the October jam session)

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Tuesday, October 26th 2010

12:07 AM

Thursday's Show in Camden



Just a short note to say we hope to see as many of you as possible at Thursday's show (That's Thurs Oct 28th)

We're making our debut at The Enterprise in Camden, London

Full addy is
2 Haverstock Hill

Doors 7.30
On Stage 7.45

We're doing a full hour and without giving too much away, we'll be doing 'Fat Nora', 'Green Lanes' and 'Bob Dylan' amongst others

Here'a a MAP

See you there

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Friday, February 19th 2010

1:43 AM

Jan 29th 2010 Gig Debrief



On Fri January 29th, we played our first gig of 2010, at The Comedy Pub,
in Leicester Square.

Head over to youtube and you can see the full gig (and tons of other
Shorties content) at


We came to an arrangement with the promoter that meant we could play for
an hour, rather than the usual half hour. This made the whole evening so
much more enjoyable than usual. With the half hour shows you rehearse
for weeks, get all set, go down for a quick soundcheck and then get, if
you're lucky, 9 songs crammed in. You daren't tune the guitar if it goes
out, as you'd lose another song. With a full hour to play with, we knew
we could really enjoy ourselves. We upped the number of songs, but only
to 14. This meant we knew we wouldn't have to be rushing, could banter
between songs, re-tune if need be, etc.

Well, I can't recall when I last enjoyed a gig so much. As usual our
loyal fans turned out and roared us on, and the banter was flowing back
and forth. Performance wise, I think we nailed it also. The soundman
did a great job, and we did our bit, really hitting the pocket on most
of the songs. Although Dave could not make this gig, Saul performed
with us for the 3rd gig in a row, which was an enormous joy. It's so
great that he's fully re-engaged with the band. Realistically, (and I
know I've been saying this for 15 years) I'm not sure how long we can
keep going, so it's fantastic that he is taking the opportunity while
it's around.

Equally exciting, making his Shorties live debut, was Dan's brother
Richard. Richard has posted here several times before, and is as groovy
a guy as you could wish to meet. He came by to watch a rehearsal, but
being a great guitarist, we ended up roping him into the gig. He helped
us put a new slant on songs such as 'Che Guevara and Me' and 'Maggie and
Hopey' and he tore up the joint with his solo on 'Pismel'. We hope he'll
work wih us again in the future

The set list featured a few golden oldies returning (We haven't played
'Che' in over 5 years, haven't done 'Pismel' or 'Maggie and Hopey' for,
maybe 3-4 years) and we also debuted a brand new tune written by Liam
and I, 'Your Drunk Uncle'. We eschewed some of the crowd pleasers that
we felt we just needed a break from, so there was no '40 Years' 'Holy
Man's Hands' or 'Lottery'. Thankfully the crowd showed no signs of
missing them, and gave us a great response.

We were by no means perfect. I think Chiswich felt a little rushed, for
example, but it was certainly one of our better performances and some
songs (Che Guevara and Pismel) I can't recall ever sounding better. more
importantly, perhaps, I (and i think all the band) relished the relaxed
atmosphere and the sense of fun and joy that pervaded the whole event.
Roll on the next gig...

The setlist was:

Sofa Gofer


Maggie and Hopey

The Fish And The Tambourine

Your Drunk Uncle

Che Guevara And Me

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Wedding Day Blues

Leopard's Head

Midlife Crisis

When Your Girlfriend Asks You If You're Gay

Drown, Laugh And Float

Chiswick High Rd




PS: remember Head over to youtube and you can see the full gig
(and tons of other Shorties content) at:


Meanwhile, here's Part 1 of the gig...

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Wednesday, November 25th 2009

1:38 AM

40 Years I've Been Walking These Streets

On November 23rd I turned forty, and unbeknownst to me my wife organised a surprise party. She enlisted all the other Shorties, all seven of them, and they worked up a 14 song set (7 originals and 7 covers). Saul had arranged to meet me for a drink, and then when we arrived at the pub he had suggested we go to, I was greeted by a large crowd of friends and family shouting 'Surprise!', and by the news that the Shorties would be playing at the party. There was even a costume for me to wear.

The party was great, and doing the gig was amazing fun. Sadly it wasn't video-d but as you'll see from the photos a great time was had by all. I can't remember a previous occasion when all 8 shorties have appeared on the same stage, and I just wanted the night to go on forever. A huge thank-you to my wife Collette, and to the 7 remaining Shorties for organising the party and rehearsing so hard. It was an amazing night that I'll never forget

The setlist was:


All Muddled Up

Drown Laugh Float

Leopard's Head


40 Years

Holy Man's Hands

Circle Sky

Bad Moon Rising

Brimful Of Asha

Sugar Sugar

It's The End Of the World As We Know It

Is This The Way To Amarillo?

I'm A Believer



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Tuesday, November 24th 2009

10:30 PM


Great News. We have decided to make Longevity, The documentary covering the first ten years of The Shorty Blackwells, available to all via the magic of You Tube.

Showing in seven manageable parts, if you haven't seen it the documentary is a no holds barred, behind the scenes look at the first ten years of The Shorty Blackwells, featuring interviews with all the main players, and some amazing archive footage

Additionally I've added a couple of small segments of Liam and I, dressed as Davy and Mike from The Monkees, on ITV show 'The Time The Place', and the final segements of my Blockbusters appearance, so plenty to enjoy.

I can't seem to embed the first part of the doc currently, so here's the URL:


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Wednesday, September 30th 2009

12:13 AM

Curry Night: November 2008

The problem with not updating the blog, of course, is that your memory goes. These pics are from November last year and it appears we went for a band night out at a curry house in East London 

Above: Dan and I
Below: Chris and Dave
Below: Mike and Matt

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Tuesday, September 29th 2009

10:46 PM

Looking Forward

Well it's certainly been a while since I posted here. Lots has happened in the meantime:

We've played alongside Loyd Grossman's band at a charity benefit in January, which was great fun.

Saul took to the stage for the first time in five years at our most recent gig in July and although the gig was not our best, it was wonderful having him back and performing with us, and great to dig out 2 of his songs which don't get a live airing very often. I thought they both sounded great.

Chris got married to the lovely Michelle (for some bizarre reason he didn't have us playing at the wedding) and enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon

I intend to post pics from these recent activities soon (except Chris's honeymoon!)

I also went through one of my periodic phases of wondering about the future of the band, hence why it all went quiet on the blog front. As usual Dan came up with some great ideas for moving things forward which have reinvigorated me.

Pics to follow in a few days

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Monday, October 6th 2008

10:48 PM

CD Launch Gig 'A Qualified Success'


Our CD launch gig on Friday 3rd October, at our usual haunt, 'The Comedy Pub', was not without its troubles (when are they ever) but overall it was a positive experience on several levels.

We knew from the outset we would be without Dave, but our keyboard player Mike had to pull out at fairly short notice and so we wondered how we would sound. Despite limited rehearsal time we had managed to get the songs sounding great, but could we re-produce it on the night?

When we arrived at the venue we were shocked to discover that the 2 other bands on the bill had both pulled out, something I've never experienced before in 15 years of gigging. This meant there was a solo artist, who had only brought a handful of people, and us (who'd brought 25). So the room was quite empty looking and quieter than normal. It also meant we had the longest souncheck we've ever had, which was great as we were able to iron out a few of the inevitable rough patches you'll get when trying as many new songs as we were going to

We opened strongly, powering through 'Disintegration Machine' and 'Kirsten' which both got a great response, and then followed up with 'Wedding Day Blues'. At this point we were doing great. 3 songs, all new or newish to the audience, all well received.  However the middle part of the show took a bit of a downturn. Ironically it was 'Richard Brautigan', a song which we've played a number of times and which we should be able to do with our eyes shut, that started the rot. We stumbled and bumbled our way through it.  A strong performance of 'Nazi Dog' got a luke warm reception, and when Dan broke a string during 'Only Hicks' things could have gone downhill.

We rallied, however, and gave great renditions of 'Sofa Gofer' (making only its second live appearance)  and 'Consume'.  Making its last ever appearance, for obvious reasons, 'George W Bush' brought the crowd back to life, and the reception of the night was saved for the brand new 'Holy Man's Hands'.  Within the group, everyone had recognised, from the first rehearsal, that Dan's new song was something special. It speaks volumes for our view of it that we made it our set closer, despite no-one in the audience having heard it before. But the audience agreed with us, and agve it a fantastic response. Even after the set people were approaching us raving about 'HMH' so it will be a set closer for some time to come.

Given the small crowd and the broken string and the reduced line-up, I think the gig went as well as could be hoped. If we'd wanted more crowd reaction in the middle we perhaps could have put 2 old faves in, rather than 2 we weren't yet bored of. But if you start trying to pander to and second guess the audience, that way disaster lies!

We sold 6 copies of 'the Centrafugel Bugle' and overall it would have to be considered a very good night



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Friday, September 26th 2008

10:23 PM

New Gig and New Album!!!


Apologies it has taken me so long to post here. However I'm back with our latest news.

On Friday october 3rd we play a gig at The Comedy Pub, 7 Oxendon Street, Piccadilly Circus, SW1. We're on stage at 8.40pm (doors open at 8pm).

It's only our second gig of the year, and the main reason for that is we've been hard at work finishing off our latest album 'the Centifugal Bugle' . The album will be officially launched at the gig. It contains 16 great tracks, all the songs that have been going over so well at our gigs over the last couple of years are featured, including '40 Years', 'Drown laugh and Float' 'Green Lanes' and 'The British Trust For Conservation Gay and Lesbian Clean Up At Mile End'

The CD will be available at a special reduced price at the gig, so don't miss out.  See you there!!


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Wednesday, November 7th 2007

2:48 AM

Last recording Session For 'Centrafugel Bugle'

Early in October we hooked up to record the last two basic tracks of our next album, 'Centrafugel Bugle'.  They were 'The British Trust for Conservation Gay and Lesbian Clean Up at Mile End' and 'Centrafugel Bugle' the song which gives the album its name. In keeping with the style we have adopted for this album, almost everything was recorded together, to help ensure we capture the heart and energy of the songs.

In early November the bulk of the overdubs were completed in a special session at Moat Studios.

All that remains to be completed are some vocal overdubs from Aiden (to be recorded on December 6th) and a lead vocal for 'Love Abides' which will be provided by a special guest

Altogether we have 16 tracks recorded for the album (a 17th, a cover of The Beach Boys' 'It's About Time' was recorded, but didn't make the grade) the most tunes on a Shorties album since 1999s 'Music For Mooks'. Our new way of recording the songs, not only makes them sound better, but is far quicker. There was a 3 year gap between 'Therapy' and 'Buff' and again between 'Buff and Scoon'. Despite having more songs than any of those albums, we aim to have 'Bugle' released less than 2 years after 'Scoon', meaning our long-suffering fans can get their fix of Shorties grooves more frequently, which has got to be a good thing!

The pics come from the Oct 07 recording session detailed above.

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